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The use of this web-site is made entirely at the users risk and the neither the silverstall, its employees or agents, shall be held responsible for that use.

Why the disclaimer

The main reason is we have no control over the content management of third party websites this site links to. For example one day the site could be selling silver jewellery, the next day it could have changed without our knowledge. Similarly the site could have been hacked.

Jewellery Disclaimer


Silverstall endeavours to ensure the information and material on this website is accurate however no warranty or guarantee is given by the silverstall or its agents etc as to its accuracy. In particular the silver market can change rapidly and without notice.

Third party software, Images or Information.

Where third party images or data has been published on this web site Silverstall accepts no liability for any damages, loss or copyright infringement caused as a result of the publication of such information.

Links to External Sites

Silverstall is not responsible for the contents, reliability, or products of any external or linked web site. The silverstall does not endorse the views expressed or implied within them. In particular it does not endorse or give any warranties to any silver jewellery or products that might be supplied by 3rd party web-sites. Links to third party web-sites should not be taken as an endorsement or acknowledgement of its contents by the Silverstall.

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