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Silver Pendants

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large oval amber pendant
Amber Pendants

Silver pendants really breathe life into amber. Nothing better displays the magical properties of this ancient resin than silver. Ambers awesome beauty is perfectly framed. Unlike their Gold counterparts many of the pendants are chunky giving them an extra feel of quality and build stability.

silver tree of life pendant

A hand picked variety of styles and designs including the infamous five pointed pentagram star. They can be suspended from a chain or a simple piece of leather or cord. All make an exquisite choice of jewellery that will add a shine to any attire. The selection ranges from dragons to Celtic designs including this dramatic eye pendant.

silver pendant with paua-shell

A choice of contemporary silver pendants with gemstones and semi-precious stones. The pendants combine sterling silver with natural gemstones, including this stunning paua shell pendant. Also included is a stunning array of pendants that utilise an inlay of Mother of Pearl.

silver pendant of the zodiac sign of aquarius
Silver Zodiac pendants

For truly personal jewellery we have captured the twelve zodiac signs and immortalised them in silver. The image depicts the pendant for the sign of Aquarius. You can also buy the Chinese Astrology pendants

model wearing blue silver pendant

Our silverstall model at the airport demonstrates the impact and effectiveness of hanging the blue shell pendant from a simple snake chain. The pendant is part of a range of handcrafted silver jewellery that is unique to the silverstall.

If you are considering a gift for a gentleman then many also purchased a set of matching silver cufflinks to accompany the pendant.

lady of the lake wearing a blue silver pendant

You can also learn more on the history of western astrology as well as finding out which sign you are whilst learning about what each astrology sign means. For those interested in gemstones we have a chart of the which are different to birthstones. To further assist, we have a chart of how to find which of the 12 animals you are, as well as providing useful guidance and information on the evolution of Chinese astrology.

One of the attractive features of any pendant is you do not have to worry over issues such as ring or neck size. From this site you can learn a fuller and more detailed history of silver jewellery including the practice of leaving pendants behind with their deceased owners on ancient burial sites.

Unless otherwise stated "pendant" means the gemstone or setting alone, without the chain. We also have detailed articles on making pendants from silver.