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hamsa silver pendant
Hamsa pendant

A silver pendant depicting the shape of the Hamsa


swirl of silver pendant
Swirl Pendant

A silver square swirl pendant


motor-bike pendant
Motor-bike pendant

Motor bike pendant with spinning wheels


Teddy-bear silver pendant

A teddy bear pendant with moving head and limbs


dagger silver pendant
Silver Dagger pendant

A detailed Silver pendant of an ornate dagger.


lady in moon pendant
lady in moon

The lady on the new moon silver pendant


tropical tree pendant
Tropical tree

A tribal pattern similar to a tropical tree


sea-horse silver pendant

A small sea-horse silver pendant


Silver celtic pendant
Celtic pendant

A pendant of a traditional celtic knot


cat pendant
Cat pendant

A plain silver cat pendant


tree-of-life pendant
Tree of Life pendant

A pendant of the spirtual tree of life


eagle pendant
silver eagle

A detailed sterling silver eagle pendant


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Pages of silver Pendants

Some of the pendants such as the eagle or the Buddha can be used as ornaments. Additionally some of the smaller ones could potentially be used as charms.

Each design is made to precise detail and lovingly hand polished to bring out the shine of the silver.

Since all these necklace adornments are made from sterling silver they can be kept tarnish free by occasionally cleaning them with a silver polish cloth

We frequently update the site to include both new and old designs such as these eye and Budha pendants which have currently sold out.

silver third eye pendant
Eye pendant

budha pendant
Buddha pendant

Each pendant is sent out either in its own protective velvet bag or box, which makes them a great silver jewellery present. If the pendant is bought with a chain then we try to box both the chain and pendant together.