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This mythical hand is seen as a symbol of protection throughout many cultures and religions. It is perceived as a guardian against the Evil eye.

Aside from being an attractive piece of silver jewellery, this novel pendant has throughout history also been hung from doorways and walls as a symbol of protection. In ancient times it was often suspended from the doorway of the room of an expectant mother or new born baby.

hamsa silver pendant

The Hand of Hamsa

£9.95 - A silver pendant of the Hamsa hand. This traditional and classic item of jewellery depicts this infamous right hand. It is highly detailed and crafted entirely from sterling silver.

hamsa pendant

Dimensions of Pendant

This beautiful Hamsa measures 20 mm across (from thumb to little finger) and approximately 30 mm high ( from finger tip to wrist). It weighs approximately 4 grams and is and its bale consists of a 6mm welded jump ring.