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Silver cuff bangles

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plain all round silver bangle
plain round

An all round plain silver bangle


silver braided bangle
Braided Cuff

A silver cuff bangle with braided design


curls cuff bangle
Curls Bangle

A curly cuff bangle with silver balls


pressed silver bangle
Hammered cuff bangle

A slim cuff bangle with hammered effect


curved bangle in silver
Curved bangle

A plain sterling silver curved cuff bangle


cuff bangle
Cuff Bangle

A wide sterling silver cuff bangle with a curved edge


classic bangle
Classic Bangle

A sterling silver cuff bangle in a classic border style


cuff bangle
Cuff Bangle

A plain curved cuff with a central braid


slim cuff bangle
Slim Cuff

A slim cuff bangle with a curve in its centre


silver cuff bangle with bars
bangle with bars

A silver cuff bangle constructed from silver bars


silver bangle with diagonal bars
Diagonal bars

A silver cuff bangle made with diagonal bars


silver cage bangle
Cage Bangle

A large silver cage bangle


Pages of plain silver bangles

The bangles can also represent an investment as well as an item of silver jewellery. Since they are fully made from sterling silver they will rise in value in relation to the commodities market price of silver.

We have a much wider selection of cuff bangles in our Plymouth shop.

silver bangle in a night scene

The cuff bangles can be opened to approximately 15% of their diameter dimension shown on its page.

Most of these bangles are unisex and suitable for either a gents or ladies gift of silver jewellery. Made with hand crafted sterling silver, they have an enduring quality, unequalled elsewhere. As a wrist adornment they have few equals. Is also said in Chinese folk lore that wearing one will bring financial reward to its wearer.