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This gorgeous item of silver jewellery is a subtle yet highly noticeable fashion accessory. Its chic simplicity means that it can be worn at any time of the day and with almost any item of attire.

The ends of the cuff bangle have been rounded to give a smooth and comfortable finish.

The spheres are fixed in their position so as to prevent any possible loss.

silver cuff bangle with curls

Curls with Spheres

£19.95 - A stunning new design of bangle that is a bold statement of style. This innovative silver bangle comprises a carefully curved tube of silver, with five silver balls set on the tube. The balls are equally spaced along the gentle curls of the cuff bangle.

silver cuff bangle with spheres

Specifications of Bangle

The wrist size is 62 mm although it can be opened and closed with moderation to fit most wrist sizes. Approximate weight is ten grams. It is constructed from sterling silver throughout.