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Silver Chokers

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plain silver choker
U shaped silver Collar

A flat 'U' shaped neck collar with curved ends that fit comfortably over the neck collarbone. Stylishly elegant yet whilst beautiful in simplicity.


beaten silver necklace
Beaten silver choker

A 'U' shaped silver choker. The cuff necklace is created by careful hammering of the sterling silver to produce a beaten pattern.


plain silver round neck collar
Round Silver choker

A lightweight plain sterling silver round choker. It can also be used for pendants.


zig-zag silver choker
Zigzag choker

A funky silver wave choker. Its accentuated curves create a highly visible necklace. Slides on and off the neck, without any catches.


hammered effect silver choker
hammered silver

A chunky solid sterling silver choker with hammered effect.


silver choker with waves

A stylish cuff of gentle silver waves create a truly unique silver neck collar. It fits all seasons and all fashions.


ball silver choker
Ball Silver choker

An endearing style of necklace comprising of a 'v' shaped choker, with a small ball overlapping its larger counterpart.


slim silver neck collar
plain silver choker

A plain silver cuff neck collar. A stylistic and timeless accessory that flows over the contours of your neck collar.


silver v collar
Silver V Choker

A delightful silver choker in a classic V shape. This traditional yet contemporary silver choker will turn more than just few heads.


wide chunky silver neck  choker
Wide chunky neck collar

A chunky silver cuff collar with a wide band - This seasons's must-have accessory. With a smooth and shiny finish this will not fail to impress.


slim silver neck collar
Slim Neck Collar

'U' shaped slim sterling silver choker. The cuff band is 1mm wide and it can be taken on and off without a clasp.


V shaped silver neck collar
Slim 'V' Shape choker

A v shaped silver choker


All the chokers (or sometimes referred to as neck collars) are cast from solid sterling silver. Each silver choker is perfected with just the right amount of tension to make them partially flexible yet maintaining the same shape throughout wear.

To avoid any tarnishing that may build up over the years We recommend that the neck collar is polished using the appropriate silver polish cloth

The model in the photograph has an average female neck size although each collar is flexible and can be stretched to approximately 15% of its original size without any significant distortion of its shape.

All our neck collars or chokers are made from the highest quality of silver. That means they contain at least 92.5% pure silver. Each collar is supplied either in a drawstring presentational bag or a box depending on size.