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Choker with hammered silver

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silver choker with hammered effect
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The hammered effect has been created by the gentle beating of the sterling silver with a light hammer,that has been subsequently filed and polished to feel smooth.

silver choker with hammered effect.

Hammered Effect

A stunning solid silver neck choker with hammered effect. The "U" shaped necklace simply slides on and off the neck with no catch or clasp to fiddle with. The hammered effet creates shimmering light from the polished sterling silver.


the U shaped silver choker has a hammered pattern.

Dimensions of Choker

This chunky sterling silver choker weighs 28.5 grams. At its widest point the curved band measures 10mm wide. The semi-rigid structure is flexible enough for the choker to gently pull wide to accommodate the neck. Tension of the silver band then springs the choker back into its original shape.