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Amber Bracelets

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large oval cut amber bracelet
Large Oval shaped amber bracelet

Cognac ambers beautifully cut in an oval dome shape. A gorgeous adornment to any wrist. The six generously proportioned ambers are exquisite in their oval shaped mounts.


Amber bracelet with natural Amber beads
natural amber bracelet

A bracelet with natural tumbled amber beads


seven baltic ambers on a silver bracelet
Baltic amber bracelet

Seven lovely oval shaped ambers in the traditional cognac colour linked together on a sterling silver bracelet,


silver bracelet with ten round cut ambers
Round Ambers

Ten beautiful little round cut ambers set in a sterling silver bracelet.


silver bracelet with green and orange amber
green and orange amber

Silver bracelet with alternating green and orange amber.


Amber bracelet with three colours of Baltic Amber
multi-colour amber

Pure Amber bracelet with three colours of Baltic Amber.


Amber bracelet with turquoise and Baltic Amber beads
turquoise and amber

A silk bracelet with three colours of Baltic Amber and real turquoise.


Amber bracelet with Baltic Amber beads
pull cord amber bracelet

A pull cord bracelet with the traditional cognac coloured Baltic amber beads


amber clusters bracelet
Amber clusters bracelet

A very nice bracelet with clusters of amber annexed at equal intervals to create a contemporary bracelet. The clusters make it look like a pure amber charm bracelet, Each amber dangles from it.


If you are looking for an ideal gift of silver jewellery then look no further. A small selection of some of the contemporary and exquisite silver bracelets with amber.

Amber is a greatly cherished resin from ancient trees. All the bracelets are dispatched in a gift box. They really are an expression of a persons individuality as no one piece of amber is identical to the other.

We also have a stunning range of amber bangles should you prefer a rigid type of bracelet

For an accompaniment accessory there are some amber earrings that could match the bracelets.

If you are accessorizing your wrist then why not also your neck with some suburb handmade amber necklaces

If a full necklace is not what you need then consider perhaps one of the amber pendants which are designed with a variety of colours.