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Amber Bracelets

Rectangles of Amber BraceletRectangles of Amber Bracelet
£44.95 - A stunning bracelet with each amber individually cradled in an ornate silver setting.
large oval cut amber bracelet Large Oval shaped amber bracelet
£47.95 - Cognac ambers beautifully cut in an oval dome shape. A gorgeous adornment to any wrist. The generously proportioned ambers are exquisitely in their oval shaped mounts.
amber clusters bracelet Amber clusters bracelet
£29.95 - A very nice bracelet with clusters of amber annexed at equal intervals to create a contemporary bracelet. The clusters make it look like a pure amber charm bracelet, Each amber dangles from it.
green amber with chain mail strap green amber bracelet
£39.95- Using an amazing green amber this bracelet represents the perfect gift of jewellery, as it suits all age-groups and all tastes. The large bulbous amber sits on the wrist in glorious shades of green colour.
green and orange amber braceletGreen and Orange amber bracelet
£39.95 - For true connoisseurs of amber this has to be first choice, blending both the traditional cognac colour with the more unusual green. The styling is a combination of the new with the old.