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Butterfly Brooch
Butterfly Brooch

A stunning butterfly brooch in a splash of pastel colour. An impressive item of jewellery that can be worn all year round.


flamingo cameo
cameo of flamingos

A cameo style brooch with pretty flamingos cast against a turquoise backdrop.


a pair of silver cats brooch

A pair of Cats are the subject of this outstanding silver brooch.


turtle brooch and pendant
fleur-de-lis Brooch

Silver brooch (and/or pendant)with multicoloured segments of mother of pearl in the fleur-de-lis shape.


dragonfly brooch
Big Cat Brooch

A solid sterling large cat brooch


combines silver brooch and pendant
combined brooch and pendant

A brooch that also doubles up as a pendant. The soft shades are created from mother of pearl.


marcasite  brooch
Marcasite Brooch

A silver brooch composed entirely of sterling silver decorated with lovely little marcasite stones and four sparkling white crystals.


flower brooch
flower brooch

A large silver brooch composed of four black onyx stones set in a silver flower arrangement and decorated with a plethora of little white crystals.


Turtle Brooch
Silver Turtle Brooch

A petite and feminine white mother of pearl set on a silver marcasite brooch.


Lapis Brooch
Lapis brooch

A must-have darkish blue accessory. A true design of Celtic jewellery


£19.95 - sold out

dragonfly brooch
Dragonfly Brooch

A unique costume brooch in the shape of a dragonfly studded with beautiful crystals.


flower brooch
Costume Brooches

A selection of some costume brooches including this amazing flower


If you looking for that special present for all age groups then look no further.

Vivify your attire with one of our exclusive hand made silver brooches. Only the best quality natural mother of pearl and gemstones are used for our brooches.

They are conveyed in a either a free hand-made gift box or velvet drawstring bag depending on availability and size.

A brooch was formerly known as a fibula and has been worn throughout the ages on all manner of garments. They are useful for holding garments together, particularly for pinning down a scarf or other item of attire.

Our silver jewellery is composed of only the finest quality silver and in the case of the brooches this includes the pin. If the silver is regularly polished the brooches can survive for generations. These attractive items of silver jewellery are guaranteed to provide satiety. For more details on cleaning silver jewellery see silver care.