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Silver Turtle Brooch

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silver brooch with mother of pearl in the form of a turtle
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The four legs of the turtle are similarly decorated with marcasite stones. Likewise are its head and tail.

The design is loosely based on a turtle and it can if necessary be interpreted as a tortoise. A more accurate name is a chelonian which covers both types. It is however like a turtle insofar as being under water will not harm it.

Quite a lot of skilled work is employed in recreating the fine detail of this reptile. In particular the yes of the reptile are represented by two small marcasite stones.

sterling silver turtle brooch

A Turtle or Tortoise Brooch

A silver brooch in the shape of a Turtle or Tortoise. The silver is inlaid with a hexagonal shaped white mother of pearl that sits in the centre of the turtles shell. It is cradled by six carefully cut segments of mother of pearl in a matching colour. The pattern loosely resembles the similarly patterned back of a turtle or tortoise. The mother of pearl inlay is further decorated with a border of marcasite stones. A great little item of silver jewellery for an overcoat or top.


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Dimensions of Brooch.

From head to tail the turtle measures roughly 35 mm. This greatly admired reptile weighs in the region of twelve grams. Under artificial light there is a blue hue to the mother of pearl inlay, however under natural light the turtles shell appears whiter in the traditional mother of pearl colour, particularly in bright sunlight.