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Mother of Pearl Bangles

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flower of mother of pearl silver bangle

A flower of mother of pearl on a silver bangle.


mosiac of mother of pearl bangle

A silver bangle inlaid with a mosaic of mother of pearl.


oval mosiac of mother of pearl bangle
Oval mosaic

An oval shaped silver bangle with a mosaic of mother of pearl.


three pastels of mother of pearl on silver bangle
Pink and blue

Pink and blue segments of mother of pearl set on a silver bangle.


white mother of peal bangle

A silver bangle with an ellipse of mother of pearl.


pink oval bangle
Pink Oval

An oval shaped pink mother of pearl on a silver bangle.


bangle with squares of mther of pearl
squares bangle

A silver bangle made with squares of mother of pearl.


butterfly bangle
Butterfly Bangle

A silver bangle in the shape of a butterfly.


mother of peal bangle
The mixed pastel shades of mother of pearl look attractive all year round. You can learn further information on mother of pearl on our a range of matching necklaces

more mother of pearl bangles

When it comes to silver jewellery there are few items that beat the exquisite beauty of these mother of pearl bangles. Renown for both their colour and durability they will adorn the wrist with grace and style.

mother of pearl cuff bangle being worn on models wrist

The interior linings of shells create this stunning jewellery. This natural shell is a perfect partner to silver as the colours are not lost, as sometimes can happen with Gold or other precious metals. Moreover the designs are such that the brittle nature of mother of pearl is protected by the bangles careful and unique design.

The silver bangles are all hand-crafted. Real mother of pearl is used with the creation of each item. We have selected a natural range of colours to compliment the beauty of the jewellery. The cuff bangles can be slightly expanded or contracted to fit most wrist sizes.