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Pink Silver Bangle

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ellipse shaped silver bangle with pink mother of pearl
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This feminine little bangle is a classic design and which is constantly in demand.

The hollow sterling silver tubing is carefully curved into a bangle shape and is attached to the wrist by a hook and ring clasp.

The mother of pearl's natural colour is pink however it radiates a warm reflection of white and blues inherent within the shell.

ellipse Shaped Silver Bangle with mother of pearl

A Silver Bangle with Mother of Pearl

An ellipse shaped pink mother of pearl, silver bangle. This feminine and petite bangle is a cool accessory that is both durable and inexpensive. Guaranteed to rarely return to your jewellery box. An ellipse cupped mount of silver shields the shell from possible damage.


Dimensions of Bangle

The pink ellipse measures 30 mm in length and 15 mm at its widest point. The bangle weighs approximately 18 grams and the width of the tubular band of silver is 3 mm. The diameter of the bangle at its maximum point is 60 mm and therefore suitable for the average ladies wrist.