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Small Silver Stud Earrings

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A selection of some of our small stud earrings that are made from sterling silver with posts stamped 925 denoting 92.5% sterling silver.

The sterling silver post has a diameter of .8mm which is the standard size of earring piercing.

Pure Sterling Silver

dachsund stud earrings
white crystal silver stud earrings
5mm ball silver stud earrings
silver stud earrings with white star
silver stud earrings with oval turquoise
plain silver star stud earrings
silver stud earrings with pink rose quartz
silver stud earrings with 2mm silver ball
silver stud earrings with union jacks

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girl wearing cross

Every pair comes with a sterling silver butterfly back that slides over the post.

Since silver is a relatively soft metal the post is easy to cut with scissors. So if you find the post irritates by digging into the skin behind your ear at night time then you can cut a little shorter with scissors.