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Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

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A selection of stud earrings that are made from sterling silver throughout. Every pair is stamped 925 and contains no allergic metals. Only silver and a very small amount of copper (for soldering strength) is used. They can be kept on throughout the day with the knowledge they will not be impacted by water.

Pure Sterling Silver

amethyst stud earrings
mystic quartz silver stud earrings
turquoise silver stud earrings
half-creole silver stud earrings
silver stud earrings with cats
silver stud earrings with sunflowers
silver stud earrings withamber
silver stud earrings with red-coral

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Each pair is sent with butterfly earrings backs.

Stud earrings (or sometimes known as button earrings) have been worn for centuries and can even be found in ancient Egyptian jewellery collections. Part of their appeal is they do not catch in long hair which dangle or hook earrings can do.