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Turquoise Bangles

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silver bracelet with three turquoise stones
Turquoises Bangle

Three turquoise stones set in a sterling silver flexible bangle.


rectangle of turquoise on bangle
A rectangular cut turquoise stone set in a silver bangle.


red indian bangle
Red Indian Bangle

A silver bangle of a Red Indian Chief with turquoise feather headset.


turquoise flower bangle
Turquoise Flower

A collection of small turquoise stones set in a sterling silver bangle.


turquoise stone bangle
turquoise stone

Turquoise on a leafy sterling silver bangle.


half moon turquoise silver bangle
New moon turquoise

A turquoise stone cut in the shape of the new moon on a silver bangle.


round shape of turquoise on silver bangle
Round Turquoise

Silver bangle with a large round turquoise stone.


twin segments of turquoise on silver bangle
Two Turquoises Bangle

Two small turquoise stones set on a silver cuff bangle.


matching earrings made from turquoise
matching earrings

People who bought a turquoise bangle often liked a matching pair of earrings.

turquoise ring
Turquoise ring

A turquoise set in a silver ring to match your bangle.


silver bangle with a tree of life
tree-of-life turquoise bangle

A round shaped turquoise mounted with a sterling silver tree of life relief.


turquoise bracelet
Turquoise bracelets

We also sell a selection of similar turquoise bracelets.

The Turquoise on silver Bangles are sent out in their own individual gift packaging. To maintain the lustre and removing tarnish please see further details on cleaning silver jewellery see silver care

Turquoise is a copper aluminium phosphate with a MOH scale hardness of six and therefore softer than quartz. It ranges from sky-blue to grey and green. The blue colouring is due to the presence of copper, while the green is caused by Chromium or Iron. Sometimes the gemstone has small patches that are brown, grey or black. It also sometimes has a 'spiders web' composed of dark veins in grey or black.

This jewellery uses natural turquoise some of which can be identified by the dark spiders web veins. We do not use Howlite that is dyed a turquoise colour and nor do we use synthetic or artificial resins. The turquoise is mined from three separate sources in China, Iran and Nevada.

If the bangle is a cuff bangle (i.e. it is not completely round) it can be expanded/closed by approximate 15% of its diameter dimension shown on its page.

Turquoise has been a popular addition to silver jewellery for hundreds of years. It was particularly popular with the ancient Egyptians, native North American Indians and even the Aztecs.