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Three Turquoise Stones set on a Silver Bangle

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silver Bracelet with three turquoise stones

A stunning turquoise bangle. This attractive fashion accessory will always add elegance to any wrist.

Turquoise can discolour if subjected to prolonged exposure to washing detergents. To avoid the risk of discoloration we recommend the bangle is removed whilst washing up. Since the bangle is composed of sterling silver it will not of course get damaged by water.

Within the sky blue turquoise stone are the darker veins sometimes referred to as the spiders web.

silver Bangle with three turquoise stones

Turquoise in silver.

- Three pure cut turquoise stones set on a silver bangle. The bangle or bracelet unhooks from a spring mounted ring clasp. Each light blue turquoise stone is bordered by a fine and lightweight smooth, curved band of silver. Each stone is cradled by two small round beads of silver.


silver bangle with three turquoises

Dimensions of Turquoise Bangle

Each individual stone varies in size however they are roughly 10 mm in length. The weight of the bangle is approximately four grams. The length of this bracelet or bangle is 7 inches (178 mm). The bangle band is composed of six hollow sterling silver tubes, which are spaced by small silver balls and also four smaller segments that are engraved with a pattern of fine lines.