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Shell Necklaces

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model wearing turquoise on shell necklace

These necklaces are secured with a button or bead at one end that slots into a loop at with at its opposite end.

a necklace of a shiva shell surrounded by paua shell
necklace with a shell shaped like a donut
starfish shaped shell necklace
necklace made from a round shell surrounded by mother of pearl
a necklace made from magenta shells
a necklace with turquoise beads and a triangle of shell

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magenta shell necklace on neck

The paua-shells are naturally found in New Zealand and have been painstakingly polished to produce their shine of resplendent green colours.

Whether its a romantic stroll along a beach or a night out on the town, these shell necklaces will attract the eye. All our chokers and necklaces are made with natural and not synthetic shells. The clasps use a non-nickel base-metal avoiding any risk of allergic reaction.