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The body jewellery accessories are dispatched in a hygienic self-seal bag. Please ensure that for any body invasive section it is properly sterilized before insertion. Please also check that you have the right size thread. The two most common standard sizes are 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm. If you have any doubts then ask your piercer before ordering although at these low prices some customers simply avoid the bus fare and buy both sizes.

With over 15 years experience, we have been selling body jewellery for over a lot longer than most.

1.6 mm Jewelled Balls

jewelled balls

95p - A choice of six colours. These multi-purpose balls are ideal for belly bars because they are of the standard 1.6 mm thread. Each ball has a diameter of 3 mm. The crystal glass is secured inside a mount of surgical steel that protects the crystal.

plain threaded ball

Plain threaded ball

40p - Surgical steel screw-on balls in a 1.2 mm internal thread. Also available with the slightly thicker 1.6mm thread at 50p. The 1.6 mm ball has a 5 mm diameter and fits the standard size banana-bar whilst the 1.2 mm ball has a 4 mm diameter and is a multi-purpose ball which screws onto any 1.2 mm threaded bar. The 1.2 mm ball is an ideal size for eye-brow bars.

steel cones or spikes

Short Threaded Cone

50p - 1.2mm

60p - 1.6mm

Threaded surgical steel (316sl) screw-on spikes or cones. Available in two sizes. The larger 1.6 mm size can be screwed onto a standard belly bar whilst the smaller 1.2 mm thread is ideal for eye-brow or tragus bars.

threaded spikes

Long Threaded Spike

75p - 1.2mm

95p - 1.6mm

Threaded surgical steel (316sl) screw-on spikes. These relatively long spikes are 20 mm in length. Available in two sizes, 1.2 mm and 1. 6mm.

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cones & spikes