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Red Coral Bracelet

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red coral silver bracelet
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A perfect accessory to add red to your style. The red coral has a very faint and distinguishable natural grey to orange veining.

The simplistic shape also adds a touch of elegance and refinement to this desirable piece of hand made jewellery. In its natural form the shape of the Coral resembles a large Ginger root.

matching red coral earrings and necklace

 silver bracelet with red coral

A combination of Silver and Coral

A bracelet composed of oval shapes of silver inlaid with red coral. Each red coral section links to each other by a concealed pivot so that it remains a free flowing and flexible bracelet. The natural coral is washed ashore in natural waves and is not extracted from live red coral. The coral is given a glaze to render each piece with a polished surface. A petite red bracelet that combines silver and coral beautifully.


Silver Bracelet Dimensions

The bracelet weighs 10.6 grams and is 7 inches long. Each oval shaped silver segment measures 13mm x 4mm. Each coral is dyed naturally using red mangrove. The oval segments are carefully hand crafted to a perfectly smooth finish.