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small pentagram pendant

Small Pentagram

A small version of the infamous pentagram pendant. The diameter of the pentagram is 16 mm and it weighs approximately 1 to 2 grams. It is cast from highly polished silver. You can compare the relative sizes of the pentagrams by reference to the UK 20p coin shown in the image.


medium pentagram pendant

Medium Sized Pentagram Pendant

Pentagram in a circular sterling silver pendant. It is also associated with both Christian and pagan beliefs. The medium size is 27 mm in diameter and weighs roughly 2 grams. It is of the regular type with its uppermost point facing upwards. The pendant bale consists of a ring of silver with a welded join.


large sized pentagram pendant

Large Pentagram

A classical and mythological design of pentagram set in sterling silver. With a diameter of 35 mm it weighs over 6 grams and can be suspended from a chain or thong of up to 7mm in diameter. Some say it represents the power of matter over spirit and has many spiritual interpretations.


spider pentagram pendant

Spider Pentagram

A unique version of the pentagram pendant. The focus is directed to a spider sat on the star. Despite its moderate size, it is quite a heavy pendant weighing in excess of eight grams. It is 2mm thick with a 30 mm diameter. Its uppermost triangle points upwards in line with pendant bale.


inner pentagram pendant

Circles Pentagram

The five points and circles represent the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and spirit. There is an inner pentagram located at the centre. This stunning silver pendant weighs 4 grams and has a diameter of 27 mm.



picture of pentagram

This timeless design can be worn at any time, whether you are a follower of pagan witchcraft or a simply a follower of fashion. The infamous five pointed star has a long association with Freemasons, ancient Greece and Babylonia.

It also has a long association with Christianity, as some say the five points represent the five wounds of Jesus when he was crucified. The pendant is a strong symbol of various faiths and beliefs.

large pentagram on neck

This five pointed star is a strong symbol of various faiths and beliefs.