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Testimonials to our Silver Jewellery

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We have selected some testimonials from those we regular receive from both new and loyal customers.

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Should you wish to make a comment then please contact us as we take all our customers views seriously.

Watch out for fake sites selling silver jewellery and always make sure you buy from safe jewellery sites with a bricks and mortar address - not just a P.O. box.

Real Reviews from Google Checkout

Before Google wallet closed, customers were given an opportunity to post their reviews of their purchase. Here is a screenshot of those reviews which cannot be altered or changed. They are real and genuine reviews unlike some posted either by our competitors or companies such as who publish false reviews by fake customers in order to entice merchants into paying them to advertise counter reviews.

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These are genuine testimonials from some of our Customers.

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We always strive to put the customer first. The best interests of the customer are paramount and we always use our best efforts to satisfy the needs and wishes of our Customers. If you think we have failed in this mission then please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can remedy the sitation.