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Scams buying silver jewellery

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Many web-sites, particularly silver jewellery sites are operated by 'here-today gone tomorrow' companies. The simple check is to firstly see if there is a full postal address - not a number. Secondly check whether the company has an existing high street shop - bricks and mortar are far safer than temporary 'unit 13' etc. We have well established silver jewellery stores and therefore you can rest assured that any problems can be resolved with real, physical premises and not simply a bogus site with a PO box number.

Safe online shopping

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Safe and secure shopping with the silverstall, including information of the scams buying silver jewellery.

Is a page on a web-site safe and secure? The answer is simple. If you look at your browsers address bar you will see the address begins' http'. If its a secure page( i.e. no-one else can see you or any information on your computer) then it begins 'https'. The 's' stands for secure. If you are just viewing a page generally HTTP is fine but if you start entering credit card or personal details make sure the page on which the form is located begins HTTPS. If you have a paypal account never respond to their e-mails unless it is addressed to you by your name and not e.g. dear customer. Currently there are a lot of fake paypal and bank sites around. If you have any doubts then come in and visit our jewellery shop or Contact us

For confidential information and details of our privacy policy Always check a sites privacy policy to see if it has any hidden disclosures to third parties. To receive up to date news on silver jewellery you can subscribe to our RSS feed.

As with any bank please be aware that there are a lot of 'phising' i.e. fake sites. Always use a trusted link and not a link from an e-mail.

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Also do not be misled by the plethora of gold star icons or logos that appear on sites with the usual 'safe' or 100% guarantee written into them. Generally these certificates and awards mean absolutely nothing particularly when you try to get a refund. Always check out if the site has a bricks and mortar establishment. If it does not then use precaution.

We use paypal as the secure payment processing provider. You can use most credit cards through their encrypted and safe systems. Moreover you have additional protection with the availability of their resolution centre. Any dispute concerning an order for silver jewellery can be resolved by them as well as the usual available options.

Another favourite scam is to charge only say £10 for an item of jewellery but then add a further £10 for postage. Our postal charges are much lower sending jewellery abroad.

To check out what customers have been saying about our site you can read their testimonials however its wise not to place too much confidence on these because checking their validity is extremely difficult. (ours are real by the way)