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silver chain with spaced balls
chain with spaced balls

A fine sterling silver chain with equally spaced balls

from £7.95

silver snake chain 1.5mm in diameter
1.5mm snake chain

A silver snake chain with a 1.5mm thickness

from £10.95

1.2mm snake chain
1.2mm snake

A 1.2mm thick silver snake chain in various lengths.

from £9.95

1 mm silver snake chain
1 mm Snake Chain

A 1mm thich silver snake chain

from £8.95

heavy duty curb
heavy-duty curb

A solid sterling silver curb link chain


figaro silver chain
22" Figaro

The classic Italian heavy-duty silver figaro chain


lightweight silver chain with curb link
fine curb link

A lightweight sterling silver curb link chain. 2 lengths.

From £7.95

silver fine oval link chain
Fine oval link chain

A fine oval link silver chain

From £8.95

belcher chain
Belcher chain

A traditional silver belcher chain

from £29.95

fine silver chain with round links
round link chain

A fine 18 inch sterling silver chain made with round links


heavy duty oval link chain
heavy oval link

A heavy duty sterling silver oval link chain


silver omega
omega chains

The semi-rigid omega silver chain from


The chains are made to the highest possible standard incorporating the latest snap release catches. This means they are designed to snap away if suddenly and viciously pulled as we recognize the inherent personal security risks in a having a chain which can be pulled by an aggressor.

For neck chains many choose silver instead of gold for a variety of reasons. Gold chains are expensive and more prone to theft and robbery. Gold can also detract the eye away from the pendant whereas silver more readily blends in with the background.

The chains are manufactured from hi-tech chain-link machinery. This ensures precision uniformity throughout the chain which adds support and strength to their design and functionality.

leather cords or thongs in a snake style and rope design
leather thong

Leather thongs in two styles with alternative clasps

from £1.75

If you are thinking of buying a chain as a gift then we suggest checking the neck size of the person for whom it is intended as sometimes the wrong size can be a little frustrating.