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Snake Chain 1.5mm Thick

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Silver Snake Chain with a thickenss of 1.5mm
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The silver is not simply plated but solid throughout. The 1.5 mm diameter means it can hold heavy pendants or crosses.

The smooth texture of the polished finish, makes this an extremely comfortable item of silver jewellery to wear.

The specially designed narrowed end ring, permits the chain to be threaded through any pendant clasp of 3 mm and upwards.Its relatively heavy build makes it ideally suitable for those chunky pendants and crosses.

1.5mm thick Silver Snake Chain

A Smooth and Flexible Snake Chain.

A 1.5mm thick, sterling silver snake chain with spring type ring clasp. Ideal for both pendants and as an attractive stand alone fashion accessory. Also available in eighteen inches(45 cm) and twenty inches (50cm). Please note that the longer chains are slightly more expensive due to the increased amount of silver that is used to make them.

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1.5 mm silver snake chain

Silver Chain Dimensions

This thick silver snake chain is suitable for all pendants of whatever design or shape. The uniform, smooth finish helps to focus the eye on the pendant. The primary feature of this classic item is its capability of blending into the background of any display of jewellery, as its simplicity does not distract the focus from the pendant.