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Silver Bali Bracelets

the slim 3mm silver bali bracelet

The Slim 3mm Version

£27.95 - The diameter or thickness is 3 mm so it is a sleek and flexible bracelet. Weighing 14 grams it is a relatively light and extremely comfortable item of silver jewellery. Measuring 8 inches (20.32 cm) in length it is suitable for most average sized wrists. The clasp hook is decorated with a band of small silver hoops that compliment the Bali styling. The tubular shape of the bracelet is not quite round and is that of a squircle.

balinese bracelet

The Thicker 5 mm Version

the 5 mm version of the bali bracelet

£37.95 - With a diameter 5 mm the extra thickness adds a heavier and chunkier feel to the bracelet. Currently available in a length of 7 inches (17.78 cm) it is generously proportioned for sturdy action. Its weight is approximately 20 grams giving this classic design a robust and quality feel. sold out