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Silver Bracelets in traditional Balinese design

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figaro silver bracelet
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The Silversmiths of Bali, Indonesia have long since been credited with this unique design. When it is first made and welded together the silver is in its natural darkened colour. The surface of the bracelet is then highly polished which brings out the shine whilst leaving its inner sections dark. This contrast adds depth and a framework for the distinctive style.

balinese clasp

The bracelets are attached by their sterling silver 'S' clasp which clips through the ring welded on the opposite end. Both the ring and clasp are decorated with a wrapping of fine silver braiding and coiled wire.

chunky silver bracelet
the slim 3mm silver bali bracelet

The Slim 3mm Version

The diameter or thickness is 3 mm so it is a sleek and flexible bracelet. Weighing 13.4 grams it is a relatively light and extremely comfortable item of silver jewellery. Measuring 8 inches (20.32 cm) in length it is suitable for most average sized wrists. The clasp hook is decorated with a band of small silver hoops that compliment the Bali styling. The tubular shape of the bracelet is not quite round and is that of a squircle.


balinese bracelet

The Thicker 4 mm Version

the 5 mm version of the bali bracelet

With a diameter 4 mm the extra thickness adds a heavier and chunkier feel to the bracelet. Currently available in a length of 8.5 inches (215mm) it is generously proportioned for sturdy action. Its weight is approximately 14.8 grams giving this classic design a robust and quality feel.


The Traditional Balinese Design

A sterling silver bracelet in the traditional Balinese design. Available in two different widths. The 3 mm is slim and sleek whilst the 5 mm is a chunky, heavy duty bracelet. The distinctive linkage is unique to the Balinese craftsmen who assemble all them by hand.