Silver Crosses

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zircon cross

Crystal Cross

£9.95 -(cr2) Fifteen brilliant white crystals set on a sterling silver cross with modern styling. The cross measures 18mm wide by 25 mm high.

paua-shell silver cross

Paua-shell Cross

£17.95 -(cr5) An unusual and beautiful silver cross inlaid with hand cut segments of New Zealand paua-shell. Weighing 8 grams and measuring 30mm wide by 40 mm high it has a relatively thick body of 3mm.

pink cross

Pink zircons

£24.95 (cr1) Eight Faceted pink zircons bordered by a row of marcasite stones. Another pink stone is set on the pendant clasp. This glorious example of a traditional design combined with beautiful pink stones makes a lovely accessory for any outfit. This substantial item of jewellery weighs an impressive 12 grams. Its approximate dimensions are 25 mm wide by 40 mm tall.

plain silver cross

plain silver cross

£5.95 (cr4) A Plain traditional cross. A timeless classic weighing approximately 2-3 grams. Width 17 mm x 30 mm .

silver ankh

Egyptian Ankh

£19.95 (cr3) - Ancient Egyptian ankh - the symbol of life. Cast in pure sterling silver it approximate dimensions are 35 mm wide by 50 mm high. It is a quite heavy 8 grams. The ankh is decorated with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

zircon cross

zircon cross

£9.95 (cr8)-Ten brilliant white faceted zircons set on stunning sterling silver cross. Weight is 5 grams. Approximately 25 mm wide by 40 mm tall. Each stone is tear-drop in shape and clawed into its silver setting. The pendant bale is hidden behind the uppermost stone.

plain silver egyptian ankh

Plain Silver Ankh

£9.95 (cr7)- A plain silver version of the classical cross from ancient egypt. This stunning item of jewellery weighs roughly 6 grams and measures 35 mm from bale to borrotm and 20 mm at its widest point.

girl wearing cross

All our crosses are made from the finest quality sterling silver. The crosses are an ideal gift of silver jewellery, to either those of a religious persuasion, or for those who like a cross as a fashion accessory. The crosses are sent in their own protective pouch or box. We hope to shortly make more available online, from our vast range of designs in our Plymouth shops.

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slim plain silver cross

Slim Plain Silver Cross

£9.95 (cr6) - A slim and elegant traditional plain silver cross. Approximate dimensions are 35 mm wide by 50 mm high. Its weight is roughly 4 grams and the edge of the horizontal and vertical bars have a slightly smooth beveled edge.



£7.95 (cr10)- A sterling silver crucifix, with the detail of christ the saviour on the cross. Approximate width is 20 mm and a height of 25 mm. Weight is 2 grams.

celtic cross


£14.95 (cr9)A large cross in the traditional celtic style. Another timeless classic with the fine detail of the traditional celtic knot. Approximate 30 mm Wide x 45 mm High. Weight 6 grams.