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Wood on silver jewellery

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All our wood jewellery uses only natural hardwoods. The wood is specially treated and has a far greater moisture and water resistance than ordinary wood. The wood is carefully hand carved and then inlaid onto sterling silver. The dark spots are part of the natural grain of this unique hardwood from Indonesia.

The underside of the bracelets are plain polished silver. Very few items of jewellery such as this incorporate completely organic and natural materials.

Bracelets with natural wood graining.

silver bracelet with speckled hardwood
silver bracelet with round cut sections of wood

Two hand made silver bracelets inlaid with specially treated hardwood which is carefully carved and has marvellous dark speckles within its grain.

acacia wood on silver bracelet

Silver Bracelet inlaid with twelve round segments of hardwood. Seven inches long and a marvellous unique gift of jewellery. The silky smooth bracelet is simple yet sublime.

In addition to the wood on silver we also have a unique selection of wood bangles and bracelets, which are made entirely from wood.

The natural shading of these bracelets make them a perfect accessory for any outfit rich in earthy colours.