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Heavy Duty Silver Bracelet

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heavy duty silver bracelet
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Jewellery that's an Investment

The increasing piece of silver makes this bracelet quite a good long term investment. The percentage increase of this precious commodity has over the years outstripped the percentage you could achieve by investing the same amount in a bank or building society, with the added bonus of being able to wear your investment as an outstanding item of jewellery.

heavy-duty clasp for silver bracelet

The slide of one end clicks into the other side which has two arms that click over small balls welded onto the clasp. By pulling the release button in an upward movement you can easily alter the strength of the clasp.

chunky silver bracelet

Curb Link

- A Chunky heavy duty silver bracelet. The curb links are individually cast and hand polished to produce a truly stunning bracelet. It is made entirely from sterling silver. It is solid throughout and not plated.


Heavy Duty

Although many would say this is a gentleman's bracelet there is no reason why a lady cannot also wear it as a chunky accessory. As a present you will be giving an eternal memento of your affections as this enduring item of jewellery will last from generation to generation.

Bracelet Dimensions

heavy-duty silver bracelet

It weighs in excess of 110 grams and measures 7.5 inches long (190mm). The width (looking down on the bracelet) is approximately 14mm. Each chunky curb link has a comfortable and smooth bevelled edge.