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Silver Bracelets

turquoise braceletTurquoise
A gemstone that has been used in jewellery since ancient times. The bracelets use both the light blue and green varieties. This semi precious gemstone never looked so attractive as it does when set in silver.
amber braceletAmber bracelets
The latest designs of silver bracelets, using Amber. It is one of the oldest and most attractive jewellery materials in the world. This highly valued resin has an unequalled allure. You can also learn more about amber and some of its amazing properties.
crystal ball braceletsCrystal Ball Bracelets £2.95. The latest designs of crystal ball bracelets, using swarvoski crystals. Each bracelet is composed of a series of spheres decorated in these bright and colourful crystals. Heavy duty cord is stitched each sphere together to produce this stunning bracelet.
plain silver braceletPlain Silver
A stunning selection of bracelets in plain silver for both men and women. Included within this range is this beautiful contemporary and modern bracelet and also some Bail Bracelets which incorporate the distinctive styling that has made this famous and original design so unique.
zircons on silver braceletBracelets with zircons
A fine choice of silver bracelets using cubic zircons. This inveterate item of jewellery generates sparkle and dazzle. The sparkling basket of bracelets includes one which has 57 amethysts, to producing a dazzle of rich purple colours
shiva-shell braceletShiva-Shell A selection of silver bracelets incorporating the mysterious and alluring shiva-shell.
garnet marcasite braceletMarcasite
Silver bracelets with marcasite stones and semi-precious stones including this dazzling red garnet bracelet. Timeless classics that make the ideal dress bracelet.
wood on silver braceletwood on silver
Natural hardwood is used for the inlay on these unique silver bracelets. The different species of hardwood provide a rich pattern and gorgeous colouring.
mother of pearl braceletMother of pearl
Pink Bracelets An attractive selection of contemporary silver bracelets with mother of pearl settings in a variety of colour including a selection of purely pink mother of pearl bracelets.
red coral braceletRed Coral Bracelet This is the choice of those who wish to combine natural materials with style, using real coral. Such outstanding beautiful jewellery is not simply an accessory but a statement of style and elegance.
moonstones braceletMoonstones
Bracelets with moonstones form Irresistible silver jewellery. The stone reflects light in a variety of silver and blue colours. You can also learn more about moonstones and their magical properties.
bali braceletsBali
A collection of silver bracelets using the traditional Balinese styling.