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turquoise bracelet


A gemstone that has been used in jewellery since ancient times. The bracelets use both the light blue and green varieties. A semi precious gemstone that looks attractive when set in silver.

amber bracelet
Amber bracelets

Silver bracelets with Amber. It is one of the oldest and most attractive jewellery materials in the world. This highly valued resin has an unequalled allure.

mother of pearl bracelet mother of pearl

An attractive selection of contemporary silver bracelets with mother of pearl settings in a variety of colour including a selection of purely pink mother of pearl bracelets.

plain silver bracelet
Plain Silver

A stunning selection of bracelets in plain silver for both men and women. Included within this range is this beautiful contemporary heavy curb link bracelet.

moonstones on a silver bracelet

A silver Bracelet with moonstones. Each moonstone reflects light in a variety of silver and blue colours.

faux diamonds on a silver bracelet
Bracelets with Crystals

A fine choice of silver bracelets using either faux diamonds or real amethyst stones.

shiva-shell bracelet

A selection of silver bracelets incorporating the mysterious and alluring shiva-shell.

red coral bracelet
Red Coral Bracelet

This is the choice of those who wish to combine natural materials with style, using real coral. Such outstanding beautiful jewellery is not simply an accessory but a statement of style and elegance.

prayer bracelet with multi colour thread

Copper bracelets including the hand made Buddhist prayer bracelet.

bulldog silver charm
silver charm bracelet

A collection of sterling silver charms with a bracelet made specifically for charms..

garnet marcasite bracelet

Silver bracelets with marcasite and semi-precious stones including this dazzling red garnet bracelet. Timeless classics that make the ideal dress bracelet.

wood on silver bracelet
wood on silver

Natural hardwood is used for the inlay on these unique silver bracelets. The different species of hardwood provide a rich pattern and gorgeous colouring.

silver paua-shell bracelet
Paua-shell Bracelet

A double sided bracelet with the tree of life and paua-shell on sterling silver.

gemstones bracelet
gemstone and fashion

A collection of fashion bracelets some of which use real pearls and gemstones

leather bracelet with green and black colors

A collection bracelets hand made from real leather.

colourful wooden bracelet
wooden bracelets

A collection of costume bracelets using natural hardwoods.

Many centuries ago wearing a silver bracelet was more for necessity than fashion. Many believed that if the silver turned black it was a precursor for impending ill-heath. Since tarnish is caused by the reaction of silver to sulphur there is some substance to this belief, as many illnesses cause an imbalance of salt and sulphide levels omitted when the wrist sweats.

The bracelets are all hand made using good- quality hallmarked silver. There is no nickel or any other allergy sensitive metal used. We regularly update our selection, which includes both classical designs and those in the latest jewellery fashion. You can further accessories your bracelet with a silver brooch or if its for a gent try one of our cufflinks.

To remove tarnish that may accrue up over time we suggest using the appropriate polish cloth.

The word 'bracelet' has evolved from the Latin word 'brachile' which literally means 'of the arm'. Jewellery that was meant for and designed for the arm became the 'bracelet'.

The use of gemstones in bracelets has been practiced for many centuries and throughout many will argue that silver is the one of the best mediums to support this.