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Paua Shell Bracelet

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paua-shell silver bracelet
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A real silver bracelet that makes the ideal gift of lasting silver jewellery at an affordable price.

We also sell an identical tree of life bracelet with a turquoise stone instead of the paua-shells.

matching paua-shell earrings and necklace

 silver bracelet with tree of life and paua-shell

A Double-Sided Bracelet

A sterling silver bracelet with a silver tree of life on one side and green paua-shell on the other. This lightweight and charming bracelet is composed of a round sterling silver pendant cradled by a slim snake chain. On one side of the pendant is a silver tree of life set against a backdrop of green paua-shell. On the reverse side is a rich array of green colours reflected from a polished paua-shell.


 silver bracelet with paua-shell

Silver Bracelet Dimensions

This lightweight bracelet weighs 2.3 grams. The snake chain is 1mm thick and the overall length of the bracelet is 6 inches (152.4mm) extendable to 6.75inches (171.45mm) via a silver chain on one end. The round tree of life pendant has a diameter of 12.5mm.