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Paua-Shell Silver Earrings

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silver earrings with paua shell
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paua Shell is an extremely versatile shell and it lends itself perfectly for the creation of a silver paua-shell pendant Such is its versatility it is used also to make body jewellery such as this paua-shell banana bar for belly decoration.

oval shaped paua shell earrings

Oval Shaped Paua-Shell

Oval cut paua-shells set in a silver frame. The hand crafted silver frame is then suspended from a silver hook, to create these stunning earrings.


The combined weight is approximately 6 grams. The oval shaped earring measures 12mm wide by 14mm high. The reverse of the earring is composed of solid sterling silver.


The exquisitely curved shells transmit a variety of rich green colour. The highly polished shell is from New Zealand. No one piece is identical although we strive to ensure you receive the same shape and size of shell. This guarantees you are buying a truly personal item of silver jewellery.