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Silver Drop Earrings

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A Choice of Vibrant Colours and Exotic Earring Styles

peridot and garnet silver ear-rings
Peridot and Garnet drop earrings

A pair of tremendous peridots and red garnets set on silver dangle earrings. They make the perfect silver jewellery gift.


amethyst and citrine silver ear-rings
Amethyst and citrine on Silver

A round cut citrine and oval cut amethyst set on silver, create these simply stunning ear-rings. The natural yellow and purple gemstones are cut to perfection.


torpedo shaped turquoise earring
Turquoise Earrings

Silver earrings inlaid with natural, North American, turquoise. The torpedo shaped turquoises create a visually stunning pair.


turquoise drop earrings
Turquoise drop earrings

A wonderfully colourful and bright example of the green and blue variety of Turquoise stone set in an oval shape of silver. These alluring hand-made earrings are both chic and sleek creating an impressive and desirable item of handmade silver jewellery.


paua shell silver drop earrings

A pair of sterling silver drop earrings inlaid with an oval shaped paua shell from New Zealand.


pink mother of pearl earrings
Pink Mother of pearl in Art-deco style

A beautiful pair of ear-rings with a collage of pink mother of pearl segments fashioned in the art-deco style of the 1930's. Well proportioned earrings in a pretty pink colour.


curly lightening earrings
Lightening Earrings

A stunning pair of curly silver earrings in a shape similar to a fork of lightening.


silver earrings with round shiva shells and turquoise stones
Shiva-shell Earrings

A pair of round shiva shells at the foot of a branch of silver decorated with turquoise stones.


silver earrings with tear-drop shaped red-coral
red coral Earrings

Silver earrings with a tear drop shaped red coral


silver earrings with pendeloque shaped red coral
red-coral Earrings

Silver earrings with a pendeloque drop shaped red coral


These are a small selection from our shop of some of our latest designs of dangle or drop earrings available to purchase online. Please contact us if their is a specific pair or deisgn that you wuld like instead.

Why not take a look at our stud earrings they also make an ideal choice of gift of silver jewellery, particuarly as there is no need to worry over sizes.

These earrings are designed for those with impeccable taste and refinement.

Dangle or drop earrings are clearly distinguished from stud post earrings because of their hooks. Each hook is carefully curved and softened for a comfortable piercing. They are pure sterling silver with no nickel.