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Silver dangle ear-rings

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mosiac mother of pearl dangle earrings

Mosaic of pastel coloured mother of pearl silver earrings.


mother of pearl silver drop ear-rings
Mother of pearl

Mother of pearl drop earrings.


silver chillis
silver chillis

silver earrings in the shape of a chilli.


mother of pearl silver ear-rings
mother of pearl

Oval shaped silver earrings with mother of pearl inlay.


white mother of pearl silver ear-rings

Discs of white shells suspended from silver earring hooks.


mother of pearl creoles

Silver creoles with an inlay of mother of pearl.


paua-shell silver ear-rings

Silver earrings with two small paua-shells on a silver chain.


pink mother of pearl cone shaped silver earrings

Cone shaped silver earrings with mother of pearl.


pink and blue mother of pearl silver earrings
pink &blue

Pink and blue silver earrings.


butterfly silver earrings

Silver and mother of pearl butterfly earrings.


silver bananas earrings

Earrings with silver wire made into the shape of a banana.


crystal earrings

A circle of white crystals hang from silver dangle earrings.


Pages of silver earrings

Dazzle your friends and compliment any attire with the famous silverstall earrings. The dangle or drop ear-rings are gift bagged in their own pouch, thereby making an ideal gift of jewellery.

A magical cornucopia of little dangle earrings that will add sparkle and colour. Each carefully chosen pair has many features associated with its design.

This range include the stunning mosaic shown above as well as a variety of plain silver designs. The hooks contain no nickel and the earrings are guaranteed against faulty workmanship.

The earrings are carefully constructed from good quality sterling silver. To avoid tarnishing that may build up over the years we recommend using a good quality polish cloth Also perhaps consider some of our latest additions of silver earrings which are guaranteed to melt the hearts of many a fair maiden.

Please kindly note that for hygiene reasons we cannot exchange the earrings once worn. If you need to return them please keep them in their original packaging.