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Silver Necklaces with Gemstones

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paua-shell tree of life silver necklace
Tree of Life Necklaces

A silver tree of life set against a backdrop of either Turquoise or Paua-shell.

from £14.95

turquoise silver necklace
Turquoise Necklace

A pendeloque shaped disc of turquoise with an ornate cap of intricate silverwork.


Peridots on silver necklace
peridot Necklace

A beautiful set of peridots set in leaf shapes of sterling silver suspended from a silver chain.


amethyst necklace
Amethyst Necklace

A pendeloque Amethyst in a silver pendant and hung from a silver chain.


mystic quartz necklace
Mystic Quartz Necklace

A beautiful mystic quartz stone encapsulated in silver and hung from a silver chain.


amethyst drop necklace
Amethyst Drop Necklace

A stunning drop necklace composed of oval shaped amethysts set in silver.


blue shell silver necklace
Blue Shell Necklace

A large round blue paua-shell silver necklace. The iridescent qualities reflect light in a dazzling display of blue combined with silver.


pink zircon necklace
Pink Zircon Necklace

A lovely heart of white zircons suspended from a pink 16" leather thong. This zircon heart necklace can be purchased online.


Throughout history necklaces have been an essential feature of jewellery. Frequently worn as a status symbol they are now more commonly worn as a statement of an individuals artistic personality.

Gemstones are often associated to legends, myths and religious beliefs. For example during the 11th to 13th centuries it was thought to own an opal would provide great luck due to the rich variety of colour produced by the opal. The mystic quartz stone is in fact rock crystal which has been specially treated to produce its stunning rainbow effect.

The outstanding blue shell necklace is in fact a paul shell from new Zealand which has been artificially stained with various natural blue dyes.