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Notwithstanding their relatively low price all items are made from the best quality surgical steel 316sl to the highest possible specifications.

Our Plymouth based silver jewellery shops are renown for stocking a large range of various sized and assorted body jewellery accessories.

The method which makes surgical steel cleaner and safer than ordinary steel is firstly the removal of nickel and secondly its microscopic surface is much smoother, eliminating the crooks and crannies in which bacteria lurk. It has for many years been used in the making of surgical instruments hence the popular name given to "316 sl" steel - surgical steel.

Body Jewellery Accessories

eye-brow bar

1.2mm eye-brow bar

99p - A plain surgical steel 10mm eye-brow bar with 1.2 mm threaded balls. Great value for money and a simple but effective design.

steel barbells and eye brow bars

Surgical Steel Barbells

95p - Multi-purpose 1.6 mm threaded surgical steel (316sl) balls. Length of bar 12 mm. Can be used as an eye brow bar or a bar for bellies or practically any venue for a piercing. Available in a choice of three colours.

flesh tunnels

Flesh Tunnels

from £1.95- Surgical steel flesh tunnels. Both ends unscrew. Currently available online in sizes 4mm at £1.95, 6mm at £2.35, 10 mm at £2.75 and 12mm at £2.95. We have a much larger range in our shops and we hope to make them available online soon.

tounge bars

Steel bars

1.6 threaded surgical steel bars. Currently available to buy are 12 mm at 99p, 16 mm at £1.50, 22 mm at £2.35 and 35 mm at £2.50. Can be used for tongues or any piercing (35 mm is particularly good for ears) although please check you order the correct length.



£1.95 - 1.6 mm threaded surgical steel (316sl) twister for navel or ear piercing. Available in either plain surgical steel or with bright psychedelic pink colours that will brighten up that special night out. Both balls unscrew.

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eyebrow,barbell &tunnels

It is essential for your own health to make sure that body jewellery is clean and sterile.