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Amber Necklaces

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honey and cognac baltic amber necklace
Honey and Cognac Baltic Amber

A necklace of pure Baltic amber in honey and Cognac colours.


cognac coloured ambers necklace
Cognac Amber necklace

The traditional Cognac colours of amber strung on an 18 inch necklace.


multi-colour ambers necklace
Multi-colour Amber necklace

Multi-colour ambers strung on an 18 inch necklace.


curved amber necklace
Curved amber necklace

A curved arch of silver inlaid with a series of ambers.


three colours of amber necklace
Three colour Amber necklace

Three colours of amber strung on an 17 inch necklace.


celtic design amber necklace
Celtic amber necklace

A silver necklace with a celtic design holding a barel of amber.


amber silver flower necklace
Amber Silver Flower

A silver necklace with ambers arranged in a floral pattern.


green amber necklace
Green Amber

A large oval shaped green amber suspended from a sterling silver Omega chain.


oval amber necklace
Oval Amber

An elegant oval shaped amber necklace


amber triangular drop necklace

Silver choker with dangling trees of amber.


Three drop amber silver necklace
Clusters of Amber

Clusters of 3 ambers suspended from a sterling silver choker.

Sorry sold out

oval amber drop necklace
Oval Amber drop Necklace

A silver necklace with green and orange ambers.

Sorry sold out

No one piece of amber is identical, making it a very personal item of silver jewellery. The item you receive, may vary slightly in colour and interior particles, compared to the one shown in the photograph. You will however receive the same size, shape and weight. This also assures that what you are buying is utterly unique.

For Teething Babies

Some of the pure amber necklaces (i.e. the ones with no silver or metal of any kind) are suitable for teething babies. The non-toxicity of the pure natural amber is suited for this purpose.

Since they are made using only real silver, there are no nickel or other metals likely to cause allergic reactions.

amber drop silver necklace

Some of the necklaces we no longer sell include the Amber drop silver necklace

amber hearts necklace
Amber Hearts
three ambers on silver necklace
Three Ambers

If you like amber then you must see one of the finest samples recently found. Currently on display in our Plymouth shop it is one of the largest amber in europe