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Amber Necklaces

No one piece of amber is identical, making it a very personal item of silver jewellery.The item you receive, may vary slightly in colour and interior particles, compared to the one shown in the photograph. You will however receive the same size, shape and weight. This also assures that what you are buying is utterly unique.

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Not For Babies

Under no circumstances should any of these (or for that matter any amber jewellery) necklaces be used for teething babies. If chewed upon amber is not a naturally digestible material and the resin can cause permanent gastric damage. The necklaces also present a serious risk of choking a baby.

amber triangular drop necklaceTriangles
Three drop amber silver necklaceClusters of Amber
amber drop silver necklaceAmber drop silver necklace
curved amber necklaceCurved amber necklace
oval amber drop necklaceOval Amber drop Necklace
celtic design amber necklaceCeltic amber necklace
amber silver flower necklaceAmber Silver Flower
amber hearts necklaceAmber Hearts
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green amber necklaceGreen Amber
three ambers on silver necklaceThree Ambers
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