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Amber Drop Necklace

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Treat yourself to a marvelous item of amber jewellery. Eight squares of amber interlinked on silver create this eye turning drop necklace.

Please note that we currently only have two left of this popular style.

The perfect match for any dress event. The natural ambers are finely counter balanced by this vibrant and semi-flexible snake chain.

eight squares of amber on silver necklace

Square Cut Amber Jewellery

Seven squares of amber inlaid in silver make this ornate necklace. A further eighth square is suspended from the centrepiece amber and dangles freely to add movement and charm to this jewellery. The necklace is attached by means of a spring loaded ring.

£39.95 - sorry we have sold out

the eight square amber necklace on a ladies neck

Dimensions of Amber Drop Necklace

Weighing approximately 22 grams, the symmetrical design is a lovely accessory. Each square measures 6 mm x 6 mm. The links are flanked by a solid snake chain.