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Necklaces from natural materials

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Costume Necklaces made from natural materials including real gemstones.

rosq-quartz necklace

Real rose quartz triple threaded


paua-shell with wood necklace
Paua-Shell wood

A large paua shell pendant suspended from creamy ocean beads.


dichroic glass necklace
Blue glass

A diamond shaped dichroic blue glass pendant with turquoise stones.


blue cat eye necklace
Aquamarine necklace

Necklace with Aqua-Marine glazed ceramic beads


rainbow quartz necklace
Rainbow Quartz

A clear quartz crystal infused with a pink, yellow and blue colours.


wooden necklace
Wooden necklace

Necklace made entirely from wood.


blue shell necklace

A double shell in sky blue colour suspended from a necklace of ocean beads.


crystal flower necklace
Crystal flower

A pink flower necklace made from crystals


turquoise choker
Turquoise choker

Natural turquoise stone beaded choker.


glass red heart necklace
heart necklace

A glass red heart and real peral necklace.


These beautiful necklaces are entirely made by hand to a high degree of craftsmanship. All our necklaces use only natural gemstones or natural materials. The clasps use a non nickel base-metal. Moreover unlike imitation plastic stones, each gemstone is unique and personal to it wearer.

Whether its glass or a rock the necklaces are all environmentally friendly. None of them were made from plastics or artificial non-bio degradable materials. Moreover wherever possible the gemstones have been sourced from mines or countries that meet universally acceptable minimum wage structures.