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The chunky blue coloured block of dichroic glass reflects light naturally to produce a dazzling array of hues and shades. The pendant bale is secured by a rod passing through a small hole drilled into the glass. A necklace which lives outside and not inside any jewellery box.

The intensity of the blue colour varies according to the background underneath the necklace. Light skin tones will give it a lighter blue appearance than dark clothes.

dichroic glass necklace

Beautiful Blue Glass Pendant

£5.95 - A rectangular block of blue dichroic glass suspended from a 16 " choker style necklace cord. The black cord is round and semi-rigid meaning it will maintain its circular shape when worn. Its is clasped by a screw barrel base metal fitting. The dichroic glass is in a pattern of light blues interspersed with pastel greens. Please note this has proved so popular there is now only one left.

Necklace Dimensions

blue glass necklace

The blue glass measures 15 mm by 30 mm. It is 6 mm deep and therefore quite chunky. The glass pendant has a silver coloured, base-metal pendant bale. That bale is hung from the wax black cord. The smooth beveled edge of the glass increases its conformability.