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A stunning necklace incorporating only natural shells that are native to the shores of New Zealand.

The name Paua Shell derives from its New Zealand origins. The shell itself is a member of the "abalone" family of shells.

The small white beads are visually very similar to pearls. They each have their own sheen which blends with the overall reflective qualities of this resplendent item of jewellery.

paua-shell with wooden beads necklace

Shell combined with Wooden Beads

£3.95 - A unique hand made necklace which is a composite of New Zealand Paua-shell combined with wooden beads. Each small rectangular section of paua-shell is arranged in a brickwork pattern and set on large rectangular resinous block. The centre-piece is suspended from 5 strands of smaller white beads and it is flanked by three hand varnished hard wood beads. This large chunky jewellery is suitable for all ages.

brickwork of paua-shell

Dimensions of Necklace

The round base of the centre paua-shell has a wide diameter measuring nearly 50 mm. The centre hardwood wooden bead has a diameter of 19 mm whilst the smaller wooden beads measure 13 mm in diameter. The wooden beads are spaced by a decorated spherical base-metal bead. The necklace is 20 inches in length and is fastened by a beaded loop overlapping a shell button sewn onto the opposite end.