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Chinese Astrology Pendants

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Silver pendants depicting the twelve Chinese astrology signs. £7.95 each.

dog silver pendant

Silver pendant for the year of the dog.

dragon silver pendant

Chinese Dragon Silver Pendant.

ox silver pendant

Silver Pendant depicting the Chinese year of the Ox.

goat silver pendant

Pendant of the Mandarin word for Ram

pig silver pendant

Chinese Year of the Pig Pendant.

monkey silver pendant

Silver Pendant for the year of the Monkey

horse silver pendant

Chinese year of the Horse

rooster silver pendant

Year of the Rooster represented by a pendant.

snake silver pendant

A pendant of Mandarin representing a snake.

tiger silver pendant

A silver pendant for the Chinese year of the Tiger

rat silver pendant

A silver Pendant for the Rat year

rabbit silver pendant

Rabbit or Hare

Pendant of the Chinese year of the Rabbit or Hare

lady wearing a silver chinese astrology pendant

Please check our chart to find your Chinese symbol

Despite their relatively low price, these pendants are not imitation and are made from solid sterling silver.

The zodiac wheel provides essential information about Chinese astrology in addition to some useful facts concerning its history and origins. Also with regard to the Ram sometimes it is referred to as a sheep or a goat

Each sign is represented by their equivalent word in Chinese mandarin.