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Chinese astrology does not differentiate between the Goat or Sheep

Goats are resourceful and passionate about what they do. Once they make a commitment they stick it through thick and thin. The pendant will be treasured jewellery to those born under this sign. They are most compatible with Horses, Rabbits and Pigs.

silver ram pendant

The Ram or Goat Silver Pendant.

£5.95 - A silver pendant depicting the Chinese Year of the Goat or sometimes referred to as a Ram. The hand worked silver is a perfect three dimensional representation of the Chinese word for ram or goat. An essential accessory for those born under this sign. Those born under this sign include the actress "Catherine Zeta Jones" and actor "Leornardo DiCaprio".

Years of the Ram

Ram or Goat years are:- 1919 | 1931 | 1943 | 1955 | 1967 | 1979 | 1991 | 2003

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Pendant Dimensions

cartoon of a ram

The pendant is cast from pure sterling silver and weighs in the region of two grams. Persons from the year of the Goat are often very artistic. They tend to be slightly shy and reserved but do possess a high intellect. Frequently they are elegant. Of all the signs in Chinese astrology they are the most likely to be the ones who devote their lives to religion.