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Each bangle or bracelet is hand-made and threaded on either quality elastic gut or steel wire.

Whatever your age they make a marvellous and affordable gift of jewellery.

shell bangle on a models hand

Most of these fashion bracelets and bangles are hand-made from natural materials, or crystals.

Costume Bangles and Bracelets

polymer clay bracelet
bracelet with fimo beads
bracelet with titanium glass cubes
crystal glass cubes bracelet
a bracelet made up from three strings of pearls
beaded bracelet with angel wing
bracelet with romantic pendant
freshwater pearl bracelet
elephant bracelet

Pages of costume bracelets

pearl bracelet on wrist

Cultured Pearls are made from a round bead being inserted into a live oyster. The oyster then secretes nacre around the surface of the bead, whereas a natural pearl is created purely from the oysters nacre.