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Costume and Fashion Bracelets and Bangles

bat bangle Bat Bangle
£5.95 A large bangle composed of a bat decorated in dozens of small white crystals. This quite large bangle measures 72 mm across. (from wing tip to wing tip) The bat's height from ear to tail measures 52 mm. The bangle weighs 62 grams and is made from an alloy metal base with a gold-effect gilt. The bangle opens in two halves and is held on the wrist by its concealed spring so there are no difficult catches to undo.
pearl bracelet on wrist Pearl Bracelet
£8.95 Three strings of natural freshwater cultured pearls clasped by a spring loaded clasp and chain create this outstanding classic bracelet that can be worn at any time and throughout any season. The length of the bracelet is 7.5 inches however it can easily be extended up to 9 inches by linking the clasp to any one of the eight jump-ring extender.
gemstones bracelet Gemstones Bracelet
£4.95 A bracelet threaded with a collection of cabochon cut gemstones. It has a base-metal spring loaded ring clasp. The gemstones include amethyst, rose-quartz and a selection of other quartz's. The bracelet measures 7.5 inches (191mm).
shell bangle Shell Bangle
£2.50 Polished shells on beaded elastic bands. Highly fashionable bangle. Each shell measures approximately 20mm x 20mm and provides a stunning array of greens.
shiva bangle Shiva bangle
£3.95 A unique and distinctive bangle comprised of blocks of Azurite with swirls of shiva shells. A channel shaped like a swirl is grooved out of the stone and then filled with the carefully cut shell. There are eight blocks and each one measures 24mm x 30 mm. The blocks are 5mm thick and strung on two internal plastic threads.
gemstone bangle Mixed Gems Bangle £5.95 - A variety of cabochon cut gemstones including tigers-eye,rose quartz,amethyst and carnelian. All the gemstones are strung on two elastic strings which are threaded inside each stone. Each stone is smooth and cut to precision. The multiple colours make it a versatile accessory. An elegant bangle that looks great in any season.