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Wood Bracelets and Bangles

The dark hard wood used is treated to resist water. Therefore each bangle should last a long time absorbing with ease, high usage and wear and tear.

turquoise and wood bangle on hand

Special Offer. All these Bangles are only £3.95 each.

turquoise and wood  bangle

1.Turquoise Bangle

Nine threaded rows of turquoise beads, tunnel into a curved wooden bead. A great choice for that late evening barbeque of for that hazy beach night club. The elasticized thread permits any wrist size. The wooden bead is barrell in shape and measures 28 mm wide by 32 mm long.

wide wooden bangle

2. Wide Wooden bangle

Curved dark wooden segments on a beaded elasticized fashion bangle. Each component is hand carved to produce this contemporary wooden bangle. The average length of each segment is about 65 mm, making it a wide, chunky bangle. Sold out.

3. Rounded Wooden bangle

rounded wooden bangle

Curved segments of lacquered dark wood on elasticized bangle. The length of each wooden segment is approximately 35 mm. Between each segment are two black, round beads.

bangle with overlapping wooden blocks

4.Overlapping Blocks

Ten precision carved wooden blocks, internally threaded on two elasticized strings. The blocks have an extended plane of wood which overlaps the next block.

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We ensure that only naturally sustainable wood is used. The trees are grown in managed forests and each logged tree is replaced with a planted sibling.

rounded wooden bangle being worn by model

In addition to these costume bracelets we also have real wood on silver bracelets