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Tibet Copper Bracelets

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Adjustable Bracelet

The cotton thread can be pulled by the two end beads so as to expand or contract the bracelet to fit either a small or large sized wrists.

The metal parts are made purely from copper and contain no allegory sensitive metals. Furthermore since there is no Iron the beads will not rust from water however over time the coppers may turn slighter darker or brown however polishing the beads restores theri original colour.

multi colour thread tibetan bracelet
bracelet with copper beads and green thread
tibet bracelet with blcak thread

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Tibetan Prayer Copper Beads

These hand made Tibetan Budha prayer bracelets are said to release the wearers negative energy and replace it with positivity.

The beads are made from pure copper which some say has a positive effect on pain relief of Arthritis sufferers by releasing small particles of copper into the skin that help repair joint cartilage. There is no scientific evdence to prove this so this benefit is purely anecdotal although thinking it will benefit the wrist joints may act as a placebo.