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Dragons get on best with those born under the signs of the Rat, snake, monkey and Rooster.

They are often an inspiration of trust and honesty. Undoubtedly the most eccentric of all Chinese zodiac signs, they are also quite softy hearted leading others to take advantage of them.

If you are born in the year of the dragon then chances are you are highly energetic but slightly short tempered. Often healthy but with a stubborn demeanour.

silver dragon pendant

Dragon Pendant

A sterling silver pendant depicting the Chinese astrological Chinese sign for the year of the Dragon. Written in Chinese mandarin the pendant makes a personalized token of silver jewellery.

years of the Dragon

Past years of the Rat are:- 1916 | 1928 | 1940 | 1952 | 1964 | 1976 | 1988 | 2000 | 2012

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Dimensions of the Dragon Pendant

cartoon of a dragon

Written in Mandarin the pendant depicts the ancient Chinese word for Dragon and it measures 15 mm across by 15 mm tall. Its lightweight of under 2 grams makes it an extremely comfortable pendant to wear.

Famous people born in the year of the dragon include Hollywood actor "Brad Pitt" and comic actor "Ben Stiller". Another Dragon is the American actress and former jewellery model - "Brooke Shields"