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Finding your Chinese Astrology Sign

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As many know the Chinese new year is based on a lunar calendar and essentially new years eve is the first new moon of the following year. However, the yearly division of the chinese signs is not the Chinese New Year. Instead it is the start of spring, which is the 4th or 5th of February of each year

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In addition to the animals there are five other elements or 'modifiers' to be taken into account when ascertaining the character of a sign. Those elements are fire, earth, wood, metal and water and are broadly determined by the time of day when a person is born.

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The twelve year cycles combine with the five modifiers in a 60 year cycle.

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Information on Chinese Pendants

All our chinese astrology pendants are stamped 925 to denote they are made from sterling silver. This guarantees that it is 92.5% pure silver. Also stamped on the reverse side is the english translation of the sign. This is particularly useful if you are buying more than one pendant and you need to identify which one is relevant. The silver pendant is approximately 3 grams and they can be suspended from a chain or thong up to 5 mm thick. They make a great gift of personalized silver jewellery.

What is my sign and finding your chinese symbol

Unless you were born in January or February, determining your chinese sign is relatively straightforward as it is the year in which you were born. Below are the years and their corresponding animal sign. Remember the chinese astrology year starts from the 4th/5th of february so that somebody born on the 3rd february 1958 will in fact be a Rooster and not a Dog.

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