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Silver Rat Pendant

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silver pendant of the chinese symbol for a rat
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They are ambitious and form excellent relations with people born under the signs of the Ox, Dragon and Monkey.

Although somewhat thrifty with money they are fond of possessions and can be quite materialistic. Jewellery is a favourite for those under this sign.

Those born in the rat year are renown for their smooth charm and many can be quite flirtatious. Many are also perfectionists and extremely hard-working setting high goals in self achievement.

silver chinese symbol for the rat pendant

Rat Pendant

A silver pendant in the shape of the Mandarin word for Rat. The pendant is in the shape and form of the Chinese word symbolizing rat although in some regions this also means mouse. Generally the sign is thought of as year of the rodent although Chinese fables refer to the rat as being the first across the river (jumping off the back of the Ox) and therefore the first Chinese astrological sign.


Years of the Rat

Previous years of the Rat include:- 1912 | 1924 | 1936 | 1948 | 1960 | 1972 | 1984 | 1996 | 2018

Famous Rat Celebrities include "Bono" - the singer of the Irish Rock band U2 and also the British Actor "Hugh Grant".

Dimensions of rat Pendant

cartoon of rat

It weighs approximately four grams and is created by casting sterling silver. It measures roughly 23 mm high by 15 mm wide. The pendant bale can accept a chain clasp up to 4.5 mm in width.