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Silver Horse Pendant

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silver pendant of the chinese symbol for snake
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They are extremely perceptive and very wise. This wisdom however does not extend to matters of the heart, where some are niave to the affairs of the heart;

They rarely listen to advice and sometimes can be quite impatient. However they are great party animals and love large groups of people.

Famous celebrities born in the year of the horse include actress "Halle Berry" and actor "Kiefer Sutherland"

Those in the Horse sign are very popular and great conversationalists, although some say they talk too much. Nevertheless they are very cheerful and very prudent with money.

silver chinese symbol for snake pendant

Horse Pendant

The Chinese year of the Horse, captured in this scintillating silver pendant. The symbol of the horse is pronounced "ma" in Chinese. When spoken the correct tone of the word is vital as Ma in Chinese can also mean mother, frog or touch.


Specifications of Pendant

This detailed pendant weighs between 3 to 4 grams and is approximately 15 mm high. It is a representation of the mandarin word for Horse.

Some Years of the Horse

25th January 1906 to 12th February 1907
11th February 1918 to 31st January 1919
30th January 1930 to 16th February 1931
15th February 1942 to 4th February 1943
3rd February 1954 to 23rd January 1955
21st January 1966 to 8th February 1967
7th February 1978 to 27th January 1979
27th January 1990 to 14th February 1991
12th February 2002 to 31st January 2003